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Hobby Stock Division

. Posted in Official Bubba Raceway Park Rulebook


  1. Any American made 1970 thru current production car. Stock appearing.
  2. No front wheel drive, compacts, foreign cars trucks or convertibles.
  3. Firewall and floorboards must be stock or steel that is the same thickness (20 gauge or .359) or greater than OEM and in stock location.
  4. Cars without full, stock or stock appearing fire wall and floor pan must add 100lbs. Floor pan may be removed from behind drivers seat rearward.
  5. Bodies may be cut for tire clearance.
  6. Bodies may be hulled.
  7. Removal of dash permitted.
  8. Trunk must be sealed from drivers compartment.
  9. No sharp edges.
  10. Roofs must remain stock appearing and have a slight taper, must be mounted level. No sloping roofs. Fiberglass, steel or aluminum allowed.
  11. Must have stock frame to middle of rear end.
  12. Rear spoiler dimensions 5 x 72 open motors, 6 x 72 crate motors. 1/2 inch wicker allowed on spoiler. 3 Spoiler braces allowed must be no more then 6 inches high and 12 inches in length(must be rounded at front and rear). 
  13. Minimum 5” ride height for frame and body.
  14. No radios.
  15. Must have bars in front of driver.
  16. No hood scoops that direct or force air into air cleaner.
  17. No mirrors.
  18. Aftermarket hood okay.
  19. Steel or aluminum body okay (.040 minimum thickness)
  20. No wedge or sloping bodies, max rear deck width of 72 inches, center of car 76 inches, max width at bottom 82 inches. Total body slope from spoiler to front roll cage post cannot exceed 2 inches, front to rear cannot exceed 3 inches.
  21. Nesmith street stock/AR Bodies Approved.
  22. Aftermarket nosepiece allowed, most be stock appearing. Minimum height is 5 inches measured from ground to lowest point on nosepiece. No MD3 or Dominator downforce style nosepiece allowed. From center of front wheel hub to farthest point of front nose must not exceed 45 inches.
  23. Cars that run a sloping nosepiece may run with the removal of rear spoiler. Cars not conforming to outlined body rules will incur a minimum weight penalty starting at 50 pounds in front of flywheel. This penalty will be determined by track official, we all know what stock appearing is!!!


  1. Min 101" wheelbase. Must match body.
  2. Wheelbase must be stock to frame being used- year, make and model.
  3. Altering of the stock frame will not be permitted.
  4. The rear frame may be replaced beyond the rear shocks for repairs.
  5. Frames must match bodies-no exceptions.
  6. Unibody cars may be tied together not to exceed 10" overlap at joint front and rear. No double frame.


  1. Must remain completely factory stock.
  2. May relocate top A frames. Tubular upper control arms ok. No aluminum cross shafts.
  3. Changing of springs allowed. Coil for coil, leaf for leaf. No Chrysler leafs in a Camaro.
  4. Sliders allowed on rear leaf springs.
  5. Sway bars and lowering blocks optional. Adjustable lowering blocks ok.
  6. Wedge bolts on rear allowed.
  7. May run outboard shocks on front only and/or jacking bolts on front with 50lb weight penalty.
  8. Any shock in relative stock mount on rear. 
  9. Any steel non-adjustable shock. Shock claim of $40 and your shock. No Schrader valves.
  10. Strut cars may use heim on top of front strut only.
  11. Steering quickeners ok.
  12. Upper rear trailing arm may be lengthened or shortened to obtain correct pinion angle. Aftermarket upper rear trailing arms ok.
  13. Lower rear trailing arms must remain stock to frame being used and unaltered with the exception of boxing in the bottom of the trailing arm.
  14. Lower control arms must remain stock to frame being used and unaltered.
  15. May not change or alter trailing arm or leaf spring mounting locations on the frame side with the exception of the rear spring mount on all leaf spring cars. No slotted holes on frame, trailing arm or rearend.
  16. After market bushings are allowed as long as arm is not altered. May be offset or spherical bushings
  17. No coil overs allowed-any type.
  18. GM spindle on GM. Ford spindle on Ford. No two or three piece spindles. No drop spindles.
  19. May use heim ends as outer tie rod only. They must be mounted directly to the spindle. No spacing of tie rod up or down.
  20. Metric cars may use stock replacement, bumpsteer corrected center link.


  1. Must sit in stock location. Engine may be set back with #1 spark plug even with ball joint but must move 25lbs of lead ballast in front of flywheel for any engine not in stock location. No tolerance
  2. No high performance engines or parts.
  3. No porting or polishing.
  4. Flat tappet camshaft and lifters only. Lifters must be stock diameter.
  5. Only under chassis or over rail headers permitted. Must exit parallel to ground and have a collector.
  6. No GM 202 heads.
  7. No Vortex heads.
  8. Double hump/fuelie heads okay. No 461X double hump or no angle plug.
  9. A. World heads Chevrolet #043610, #043600 1.94 intake, 1.50 exhaust. Ford #053030 1.94                                                                

     Intake, 1.50 exhaust. Mopar #p5007145 or OEM 1.92 intake, 1.625 exhaust.

B. RHS heads #12402 or #12400

C. Dart heads #10021070, 10024361, or 10024360

D. Engine Quest EQ CH350I

  1. Milling of heads permitted.
  2. No angle cutting.
  3. Pinning of rockers arm studs ok.
  4. Screw in studs, guided plates, stud girdles and poly locks permitted.
  5. Valve springs must be stock configuration and specs for engine. 3-angle valve job permitted. Final cut no greater than 75 degrees. 1.270 o.d. maximum valve spring diameter
  6. Stock appearing stamped steel rocker arms 1.5 ration only.  Or 1.5 roller rocker optional. GM 350, Ford 351, Mopar 360, C.I.D. 060 plus wears.
  7. No Clevelands.
  8. OPTIONAL: Valve covers, wind-age tray, cam button, air filter, oil pan, four bolt blocks, aluminum pulleys, push rods, timing chain & gears, rod bolts, balancing and blue printing ok.
  9. Any flat top or dish piston. No pop ups. Piston must remain in cylinders.
  10. Sealed crate motor part #88958602 allowed as an option. Must remain untouched as it comes from the factory. Cars with the 602 must weigh a minimum of 2900lb.


  1. Stock OEM, Edelbrock Torker (P/N 5001), Performer (P/N 2701) or Performer RPM (P/N 7101) only. No air gap intakes.
  2. NO victor jr manifolds, no marine manifolds or any other high performance manifolds allowed. No exceptions. Stock OEM manifold 25 lb weight break.


  1. Any sportsman Chevy 5.7 rods. Ford 6.0 rods.
  2. No H beam rods, floating pin ok.
  3. No aluminum rods.


  1. 3.480 Stroke. No knife edges.
  2. Cast crank 48 lb minimum and steel crank 51 lb minimum.


  1. Must run factory stock carburetor for make and model.
  2. Any Quadra-jet or Holley #4412, two barrel. Max carburetor adaptor is 1-1 1/2". No spacers. Adapters only. 
  3. No carburetor hats or cold air boxes.
  4. Removal of choke, butterflies, shaft and changing of jets and power valve permitted.
  5. May use 1850 HOLLEY 600CFM. Vacuum secondary only. No mechanical secondary. May change jets and power valve. Center hung float bowls, fuel log and quick change secondary spring pod approved. No secondary metering block, No billet parts. May use 1" spacer with 1850 HOLLEY 600CFM ONLY. Must pass track GO/NO-GO gauges.
  6. No other modifications allowed.
  8. Ford may use 1850 Holley. Jets, power valve, and accelerator pump may be changed. No secondary metering blocks.
  9. Carburetor claimer $200.00.


  1. 12 volt battery fired ignition only
  2. OEM or single point distributor.
  3. HEI distributor ok, May run Aftermarket stock replacement Sealed module. No board type modules.
  4. No traction control.
  5. May use rev limiter. Must be mounted in plain view and in an easily accessible location for inspection.


  1. Any OEM factory stock steel flywheel and clutch assembly. Min 10 1/2 inch and flywheel min weight 14 pounds.
  2. No lightweight aftermarket assemblies.
  4. May use solid hub clutch disc.


  1. Any OEM factory brakes.
  2. All cars must have at least 3 working brakes. If RF brake is not use, it must be removed from spindle.
  3. No shutoffs.
  4. Brakes may be adjustable from drivers seat.
  5. After market brake pedals okay.
  6. Brake calipers may be aluminum or steel. Must be single piston with the same size caliper piston left to right.


  1. Any radiator, must remain in stock location. Water for coolant only.


  1. Must be completely stock with all gears operating.


  1. Must be stock steel only painted white. Must have safety hoop.


  1. Interchanging of rear ends, gear ratios and locking permitted.
  2. NO quick change.
  3. Trailing arm brackets may be aftermarket. Ford 9 inch floater rear end ok.
  4. Stock rear end 75 lb weight break.
  5. No cambered rear ends.
  6. No lockers, gleason, auburn or limited slip type differentials.


  1. 8”or 10”steel wheels max.
  2. Tires 8" wide. Must be track approved.
  3. Minimum 1/2" lugs and 1" nuts required for safety. 5/8" Studs preferred.
  4. Modifications to wheel bearings for safety permitted.
  5. May run bead locks on the right side.
  6. Tire will be the Hoosier D, Med and A compound only.
  7. No grooving of tires.
  8. NO tire softeners. NO soaking of tires. NO pre-heating of tires. NO chemicals of any type inside of tires except oxygen or nitrogen.  All tires are subject to a punch rule.


  1. MANDATORY. See general rules for additional requirements.
  2. Pump gas and racing fuel allowed, No other fuel allowed E85, ethanol or any other performance additives prohibited. If using pump gas alcohol content cannot exceed 25%. This will be checked.


  1. All cars must weight a minimum of 3000 lbs. after race with driver. Crate motor cars 2900lb.


  1. All cars and drivers must meet & pass safety regulations.
  2. See the general rules for additional safety rules.
  3. Full 18”x24” window net mandatory.

If it's not stated in the rules it doesn't mean it's approved. Please consult with the tech-man for approval. All tech decisions are final. The track reserves the right to add weight to any driver in the fairness of competition.