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2013 Season Results


The Battles Heat Up

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A crazy night at Ocala Speedway had plenty of action which kept the fans on their feet the entire night. The Late Models returned while the Mini Stocks, Amsoil V-8 Thunderstocks, and Gladiators also raced, trying to gain the advantage in the points. Every fan that showed up got exactly what they came for.

The night started off with the Amsoil V-8 Thunderstocks and it got pretty rough towards the end. Lap 3 got exciting with 4 separate incidents, starting with Austin Stamper climbing the "Danny Miller" tire. Jeff Stalnaker, Jr. stopped on the back straight while Scott Mooers met the front stretch wall, ending his night. However, the biggest incident was Mike Stalnaker and Jason Gamble rubbing and bumping until Gamble ran out of room and tagged the outside wall. Jonathan Gillette decided to excite the fans a couple laps later and his hood came up on the windshield. On lap 15, Timmy Odom climbed the front stretch wall and Chris Shea, the man who had dominated the night, cut a tire. A couple laps later, a huge factor in the race, Mike Stalnaker, heard his engine say 'goodnight.' After the fans saw the wrecker get stuck in the infield, the race restarted and Chris Fontaine lost a wheel while running at the front. Oh Canada!!! "The Canuck" Tim Mathieu earned his first career win while Brian Shea got his first 2nd place finish, and Vaughn Woodall got his first top 5 with a 3rd place finish. Chris Shea came back through to 4th and Gordon Cade rounded out the top 5.

The Gladiators kept up the excitement and the fans seem to be asking more and more, "When are the Gladiators running?" and the drivers love that. Steve Johnson has missed the last couple of races, but he would dominate on this night. Lap 1 saw Casey Feaster take another hit in his hopes for the Cross-Forest title with transmission trouble. While the crew worked on moving Casey's #20, the safety truck drove away with a ghost driver, almost hitting Kyle Morse's #82. After the clean-up, Steve Johnson continued his dominance until lap 12 when the yellow flag came out when Devin Walker's rear wheels came off and his car could go no further. There was no stopping Johnson and he won, followed by Kaimon Moore, Jerry Taylor, whom had to fight back from 2 spins, Matt Shea and Jordan Myers.

Ocala Speedway brought the Late Models back and it got intense. On lap 1, Cory Howard had been involved in an accident, and while under yellow, climbed the back stretch wall. The last 23 laps were run under green and dust, leading to an exciting battle where Dillon Wood and Ivedent Lloyd swapped the lead 3 times and they had the fans cheering. Ivedent Lloyd would win the battle, and took another Ocala Speedway win, while Dillon Wood had to settle for 2nd, Keith Nosbisch was 3rd, Brandon DeWitt ran a solid 4th, and Brandon Cameron was 5th.

Keith Briggs continues to dominate the Mini Stocks Victory Circle, and couldn't be stopped on Friday, even after starting 6th. On lap 11, Nick Kerr spun on the back stretch attempting to pass Buddy Pope. Even a restart wouldn't stop Briggs and he would get his 5th-in-a-row, while Buddy Pope went home 2nd, Dan Kerr gained some points back with 3rd, Johnny Zackery was 4th, and Jimbo Bird took 5th.

Ocala Speedway will re-run Car Warz next week and it is a special event. Also, the Gladiators will run. It's bound to be an exciting night and to learn more you can call the track or check out www.ocalaspeedway.com.

Ocala Speedway Results for 10/01/10

Late Model

1- 21 Ivedent Lloyd, Jr.
2- 7 Dillon Wood
3- 101 Keith Nosbisch
4- 2 Brandon DeWitt
5- 55 Brandon Cameron
6- 35 Christian Augspuirger
7- 46P Darrell Padgett
8- 58 Mark Whitener
9- 18JO J.O. Nobles
10- 5K Ryan Mitchell
11- 16 Patrick Williams
12- Z Tim Zackery
13- 24 Dennis Williams
14- 28 Austin Kirkpatrick
15- 23VP V.P. Pipkin
16- 30 Larry Anderson
17- 32 Phillip Cobb
18- 72P Len Parrish
19- 4H Cory D. Howard
20- 07 Doug Watson
21- 158 Augie Burtram

Mini Stock

1- 19T Keith Briggs
2- 81 Buddy Pope
3- 73 Dan Kerr
4- 11Z Johnny Zackery
5- 12B Jimbo Bird
6- 47 Pat Terrell
7- 75K Nick Kerr
8- 9 Ryan Babcock
9- 69 Sean Babcock
10- 3D Dean Kinsey
11- 21 Ray Ethridge
12- 31 Michael Ogelsby
Amsoil V-8 Thunderstock

1- 14M Tim Mathieu
2- 19 Brian Shea
3- 3W Vaughn Woodall
4- 76 Chris Shea
5- 326 Gordon Cade
6- 84 Chris Fontaine
7- 96L Eddie Lentz
8- 64 Jonathan Gillette
9- 8 Michael Stalnaker
10- 41 Timmy Odem
11- 89 Kenny Asbell, Jr.
12- 86 Mickey Jackson
13- 5W Jason Gamble
14- 10 Scott Mooers
15- 77 Jeff Stalnaker, Jr.
16- 36 Austin Stamper
17- 17K Eddie Kilbury, Jr.


1- 81 Steven Johnson
2- 12 Kaimon Moore
3- 31 Jerry Taylor
4- 96 Matt Shea
5- 72 Jordan Myers
6- 23 Rebecca Paugh
7- 15 Hunter Gustafson
8- 83 Kody Fisher
9- 3H Brandon Haseleu
10- 55JR Devin Walker
11- 82 Kyle Morse
12- 10 Larry Nelson
13- 76 Ken McCloud
14- 1 Terry Dunbar
15- 20 Casey Feaster
16- 14 Jeffery Olive