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You've Got To See It To Believe It

. Posted in Racing News

IMG 2373By- Jim Rouse
9-7-13. Ocala, FL- The Limited Late Models, Hobby Stocks, and 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks were all offered the big money with no car count limits and no entry fees for 30-lap events while the Florida Mini Sprints and Rent-N-Roll Gladiators joined them for a fantastic night of racing at Bubba Raceway Park. Also, over $500 was put up by wonderful sponsors in AP Motor Sales, Dirts 4 Racing, Jeremy with Rocky's Villa Restaurant in Orange Lake, American Choice RV, Don Milam's Auto Dr.'s of Ocala, Rick Elwood at L&R Racing Products, 100 Proof Saloon, Marion Machine And Tool, D&R Chassis, Mike Peters, and Davey Kinsey's Power House Machine Shop.
The Mini Sprints opened it up with Dirk Miller running away from the pack before Daniel Bagley spun his #12 on lap two. John Moss would steal the lead on the restart as Miller slipped to third. Nick Snyder would use a mid-race restart to steal the lead with just three laps left. On the final lap, Eddie Moss, Jr. attempted to overtake his brother John and the lapped car of Scott Kreuger, but Eddie clipped the entrance of turn one and went into a wild spin and easy barrel roll. Moss would climb from the wreckage under his own power. Snyder, John Moss, and Connor Borah would bring the field back to life for a one lap dash with Snyder holding off Moss, David Hall, Dirk Miller, and Borah for the win.
Trent Wilson used the outside pole to open up the lead, but Mike Stalnaker stole it from him on lap three. Devin Walker would see his night go sour as the #55 slowed and the field had a little trouble getting by him. No one would retire due to the accident, however. Stalnaker slipped in turn one and allowed Brian Morgan by on lap eight, just before Stalnaker did a 360 on the backstretch and stayed in the top five, an impressive feat. With eight to go, The Big Lake Boys went at it and Tim Powers scooted around Morgan for the lead, right before Devin Walker slowed and brought another caution out. Powers held on through it all and took home the $1100! Eric Moon, Morgan, Wilson, and Bubba Christian rounded out the top five. In addition to Powers' $1100, he received $50 in contingencies. Morgan received $110 and Wilson earned $20.
The Limited Late Models started off with Forrest Gough leading from P3. Tyler Clem would steal the lead in lapped traffic on lap four and he would not look behind him. Clem would never look back and he won by 1/3 of a lap over Nevin Gainey. Forrest Gough, Jamie Dayhaw, and Shane Koperda completed the top five. Clem would earn an additional $170 in contingencies (Gough got $10) to bring his total to $1270, a sum that Tyler will donate to charity as he always does.
The 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks always teach us something new, and tonight showed us that seeing is NOT believing. Sometimes. Shane Nichols opened up with the lead, however Mike Stalnaker had it by lap three. A coupld of cautions for various incidents- including a debris caution for the right side of the E+Z Shines-sponsored #8's body- kept the field tight until halfway. The restart saw Stalnaker get away from Shane Williams and Mike's brother, Jeff, yet on lap nineteen it got crazy when Stalnaker's hood flew up right onto his windshield. For the final twelve laps, Stalnaker drove his #8- on a completely different line on the track- with the hood on his windshield. Better yet, Stalnaker would win the race by driving out of his window for the final twelve laps. Williams, Stalnaker, Jr., Eddie Lake, and Joey Durbin rounded out the top five in an event that every one will continue to hand down to their descendants. Stalnaker won $170 in contingencies and Nichols earned $10.
The Rent-N-Roll Gladiators finished up the night and Steve Johnson completely dominated the event over Stephen Frankland. Brandon Haseleu, Tyler Bryden, and Tom Sheehan completed the top five in an event that "Scooby" completely dominated from start to finish.
Next week the Nesmith Crate Late Models, Scorpion Racing Products UMP Modifieds, Hobby Stocks, 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks, TQ Late Models, and Rent-N-Roll Gladiators invade the 3/8 mile! For more info, please visit www.bubbaracewaypark.com or call us at 352-622-9400!


Bubba Raceway Park Results (9/7/13):

Limited Late Models:
Heat 1)
1- 14 Tyler Clem
2- 22 Jamie Dayhaw
3- 21 Forrest Gough
4- 15 Shane Koperda
5- 0 Chuck Jackson
6- 17 Nevin Gainey
7- 44 Tim Powers
1- 14 Tyler Clem
2- 17 Nevin Gainey
3- 21 Forrest Gough
4- 22 Jamie Dayhaw
5- 15 Shane Koperda
6- 0 Chuck Jackson
7- 44 Tim Powers
Bubba Army Hobby Stocks:
Heat 1)
1- 24 Eric Moon
2- 64 Trent Wilson
3- 17 Joey Forsyth
4- 81 Don Woosley
5- 02 Jon Layerd
6- 84 Ronnie Whitley
SCR- 82 Kyle Morse
Heat 2)
1- 9 Brian Morgan
2- 55 Devin Walker
3- 44 Tim Powers
4- 51 Sean Monoghan
5- 07 Donnie Reed
6- 210 Ray Ethridge
Heat 3)
1- 8 Mike Stalnaker
2- 04 Bubba Christian
3- 15 Hunter Gustafson
4- 89 Trey Cameron, III
5- 23 Rebecca Paugh
6- 36 Grady Christian
1- 44 Tim Powers
2- 24 Eric Moon
3- 9 Brian Morgan
4- 64 Trent Wilson
5- 04 Bubba Christian
6- 15 Hunter Gustafson
7- 07 Donnie Reed
8- 84 Ronnie Whitley
9- 17 Joey Forsyth
10- 55 Devin Walker
11- 89 Trey Cameron, III
12- 02 Jon Layerd
13- 8 Mike Stalnaker
14- 51 Sean Monoghan
15- 23 Rebecca Paugh
16- 81 Don Woosley
SCR- 210 Ray Ethridge
SCR- 36 Grady Christian
SCR- 82 Kyle Morse
1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks:
Heat 1)
1- 99 Bubba Durbin
2- 1 Joey Durbin
3- 8 Mike Stalnaker
4- 114 John Thorpe
5- 3H Shane Williams
6- 13 William Gillam
7- 36 Mike Tovet
8- 73 Don Bishop
Heat 2)
1- 96 Eddie Lake
2- 9 Jeff Stalnaker, Jr.
3- 33 Jason Gamble
4- 18 Robert Hicks
5- 75 Dave Arivett
6- X11 Dalton Strehle
7- 28 Brandon Elwood
Heat 3)
1- 6 Tony Campbell
2- 69 Jonathan Appleby
3- X Shane Nichols
4- 73 Brandon Tillander
5- 51 Cory Ross
6- 20 Eric Davis
7- 24 Randy Strehle
1- 8 Mike Stalnaker
2- 3 Shane Williams
3- 9 Jeff Stalnaker, Jr.
4- 96 Eddie Lake
5- 1 Joey Durbin
6- 114 John Thorpe
7- 69 Jonathan Appleby
8- 36 Grady Christian
9- 73 Brandon Tillander
10- 20 Eric Davis
11- 75 Dave Arivett
12- 13 William Gillam
13- 73 Don Bishop
14- 11 Dalton Strehle
15- 28 Brandon Elwood
16- 18 Robert Hicks
17- 6 Tony Campbell
18- 33 Jason Gamble
19- X Shane Nichols
20- 51 Cory Ross
21- 99 Bubba Durbin
SCR- 24 Randy Strehle
Rent-N-Roll Gladiators:
Heat 1)
1- 81 Steve Johnson
2- 7UK Stephen Frankland
3- 7 Brandon Haseleu
4- 31 Tyler Bryden
5- 75 Tom Sheehan
1- 81 Steve Johnson
2- 7UK Stephen Frankland
3- 7 Brandon Haseleu
4- 31 Tyler Bryden
5- 75 Tom Sheehan
Florida Mini Sprints:
Heat 1)
1- 67 David Hall
2- 8 Eddie Moss, Jr.
3- 23 Dylan Colding
4- 24 Ken Penta
5- 81 Scott Kreuger
6- 23 Rhea Lynn Moss
7- 59 Andrew Kurjack
Heat 2)
1- 44 John Moss
2- 18 Jody McKenzie
3- 243 Bob Toney
4- 69 Rudy Nonnemacher
5- 14 Kat Thomas
6- 3 Robert Snyder
7- 14 Tyler Clem
Heat 3)
1- 68 Dirk Miller
2- 30 John Crowder
3- 116 Nick Snyder
4- 29 Connor Borah
5- 04 Paige Moss
6- 12 David Bagley
1- 116 Nick Snyder
2- 44 John Moss
3- 67 David Hall
4- 68 Dirk Miller
5- 29 Connor Borah
6- 18 Jody McKenzie
7- 23 Dylan Colding
8- 8 Eddie Moss, Jr.
9- 59 Andrew Kurjack
10- 24 Ken Penta
11- 81 Scott Kreuger
12- 243 Bob Toney
13- 14 Tyler Clem
14- 3 Robert Snyder
15- 14 Kat Thomas
16- 30 John Crowder
17- 23 Rhea Lynn Moss
18- 69 Rudy Nonnemacher
19- 04 Paige Moss
20- 12 Daniel Bagley


February 28, 2015

Attention Race Fans

by Scott McAllister
After consulting with drivers and teams, Bubba Raceway Park and Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Officials have cancelled tonight's event due to inclement weather and there will be no make-up date. Join us next Friday for opening night of our 2015 racing season. The schedule will include UMP Modifieds, E-Mods, Galaxy Fireworks Hobby Stocks, V8 Thunderstocks and Mini Sprints. Pits will open at 5pm, grandstands at 6pm, hot laps will begin at 7pm and racing will start promptly at 8pm. For more information, call the office at 352-622-9400. read more
February 28, 2015

It's all Reutzel at Bubba Raceway Park with Lucas Oil ASCS

by Scott McAllister
OCALA, Fla. (February 27, 2015) The Lucas Oil American Sprint Series presented by MAVTV American Real paid its first visit Florida's Bubba Raceway Park with Aaron Reutzel picking up his second Protect the Harvest A-Feature win of the 2015 season.… read more
February 23, 2015


by BRP Media
Ocala, Florida…….Dave Darland added to the most impressive streak in USAC history on Sunday night at Bubba Raceway Park, as he added another AMSOIL National Sprint Car win to his list and made it 23 consecutive seasons with at least one win in a… read more
February 22, 2015


by BRP Media
Ocala, Florida…….Defending AMSOIL Sprint Car National Champion Brady Bacon wasted very little time getting himself into the win column with the 2015 tour, as he led all thirty laps and held on after a final-lap challenge from Chase Stockon to take… read more
February 21, 2015


by BRP Media
Ocala, Florida…….Robert Ballou opened the 2015 AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship much the way he ended last season, as he fended off 2014 series champion Brady Bacon and drove away for the opening night win in “Winter Dirt Games VI.” The… read more
February 17, 2015


by BRP Media
USAC and Bubba Raceway Park officials have made the decision to move this week’s Season Opening USAC National Sprints racing schedule back one day. Practice will now be on Thursday night from 6pm until 9pm with Racing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday… read more

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