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    IMG 1852By- Jim Rouse, BRP Media

    6-16-13. Ocala, FL- The NeSmith Crate Late Models, Bubba Army Hobby Stocks, 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks, Rent-N-Roll Gladiators, and Limited Late Models all attacked the 3/8 mile for that shining moment in Coors Light Winner's Circle.

    Action opened up with the Limited Late Models, and Dale Pope took the early lead from outside pole. On lap seven, Pope and Tyler Clem saw trouble hit as Clem spun trying to grab the lead, and Pope had a tire go down soon after. Nevin Gainey would inherit the lead, but Forrest Gough stole that lead away on the restart. Clem fought his way up through the pack, and he found himself behind Gough until lap thirteen as that's when the young driver made his move. Clem walked away to win his first career race at just ten years old, and neither him nor his father would stop smiling in Twenty-one Means Twenty-one Victory Lane. The Tony Stewart Racing Developmental Driver was quite excited to give his dad a father's day gift, one that neither will ever forget. Gough again found himself the runner-up with Gainey, 2012 champion JO Nobles, and Dale Pope the top five.

    The Hobby Stocks were not to be outdone, so they started with Scotty Kay, Jr. on pole. Kay had just driven up from Tampa after the water put a damper on their card, and he held his lead through the lap seven caution for James Erickson. After getting Erickson off course, the drivers kept their cool and put on an impressive show for every position. Trevor Gamble brought out new equipment and put it right in Coors Light Winner's Circle after making the winning pass on the restart. The win ties him with Tim Powers for most in the Modern Era of the track (2008-Present). "Shady" Grady Christian fought hard with Mike Stalnaker the whole way, and Christian outdueled Stalnaker for the runner-up spot. Scotty Kay, Jr. slipped to fourth, his worst finish at the 3/8 mile, and Devin Walker maintained his points lead with a top five.

    Bryan Bernhardt jumped to the lead from pole, but was overtaken by "The Killer" Kyle Bronson just three laps into the event. Just a lap later, Jamie Slatton got into the turn four wall to bring out the yellow flag. After crews worked to get the #11 of Slatton off, the field went back to work to try to get around Bronson. "KB" wished them luck, then promptly rode away and threw the knife down by race's end. Bronson, currently third in the NeSmith Late Model Touring Series, took home a Weekly Series win in dominant fashion over Bernhardt. Jack Nosbisch, Jr. was able to jump up to third with Jeff mathews and Tyler Clem the top five.

    The 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks were given the chance to run for $400 to win and that made it even better for Brandon Elwood who was able to take the lead from outside pole. Elwood held on through a lap three caution for Melvin Fockler who had stopped in turn four. On lap nine, Jeff Stalnaker, Jr., or  got around Elwood for the lead, but Stalnaker saw it go away on lap thirteen when Justin Walker and Stalnaker found themselves looping around in turn one. Stalnaker had a tire go down, and decided to just end his night rather than change it and go to the tail. That left Mike Tovet with the lead, one he would not relinquish. Elwood finished runner-up once more over Randy Strehle, Tony Campbell, and Mike Valdes.

    The Rent-N-Roll Gladiators finished the night with Stephen Frankland going flag-to-flag without much of a fight. Tyler Bryden held with him for the opening five laps, but the #31T fell off towards the last few laps. Frankland knows Bryden is a threat, but with six wins in his last eight starts, Frankland is sitting pretty in the standings. "Super" Dave Ladrie finished third, but was later disqualified for a tire issue, which moves Jeremy Cessna to third in his career debut.

    We return next week-end with a Friday-Saturday show. The Summer Spectacular starts off on Friday with Thunder Stock and Hobby Stock Qualifying and Heats, and Late Model Practice. On Saturday, the Late Models will race for $3000 while the Hobby Stocks and Thunder Stocks will run for $2000- all three events are set to be fifty laps. The E-Mods will also run on Saturday. For more info, please visit www.bubbaracewaypark.com or call us at 352-622-9400!

    Bubba Raceway Park Results for 6/15/13
    NeSmith Crate Late Models:
    1- 40B Kyle Bronson
    2- B69 Bryan Bernhardt
    3- 12 Jack Nosbisch, Jr.
    4- 33 Jeff Mathews
    5- 14 Tyler Clem
    6- 54 Dalton Myers
    7- 75 Devin Walker
    8- 33 Carter Stokes
    9- 11 Jamie Slatton
    10-   7 Billy Holmes
    11-   4 Al Larson
    Heat 1
    1- B69 Bryan Bernhardt
    2- 14 Tyler Clem
    3- 40B Kyle Bronson
    4- 33 Carter Stokes
    5- 7 Billy Holmes
    6- 75 Devin Walker
    7- 4 Al Larson
    Bubba Army Hobby Stocks:
    1- 64 Trevor Gamble
    2- 36 Grady Christian
    3-   8 Mike Stalnaker
    4- 21 Scotty Kay, Jr.
    5- 55 Devin Walker
    6- 04 Bubba Christian
    7- 19 Brian Shea
    8- 98 Tim Arnold
    9- 95 Jeff Rodgers
    10- 63S Jeff Sargent
    11- 16 James Erickson
    12- 81 Josh Hughes
    13- 17F Joe Forsyth
    Heat 1
    1- 8 Mike Stalnaker
    2- 55 Devin Walker
    3- 81 Josh Hughes
    4- 17F Joe Forsyth
    5- 16 James Erickson
    Heat 2
    1- 36 Grady Christian
    2- 04 Bubba Christian
    3- 64 Trevor Gamble
    4- 95 Jeff Rodgers
    5- 19 Brian Shea
    6- 21 Scotty Kay, Jr.
    7- 98A Trent Wilson
    8- 63S Jeff Sargent
    1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks:
    1-   1 Mike Tovet
    2- 28 Brandon Elwood
    3- 24 Randy Strehle
    4-   6 Tony Campbell
    5- 15 Mike Valdes
    6- 73 Brandon Tillander
    7- 33 Melvin Fockler
    8- 16 Harold Erickson
    9- 54 John Florkowski
    10- 36 Justin Walker
    11- 13 William Gillam
    12- 46 Jeffrey Smith
    13-   9 Jeff Stalnaker, Jr.
    14- 85 Chuck Cessna
    15- 19 Kyle Goulard
    Heat 1
    1- 24 Randy Strehle
    2- 33 Melvin Fockler
    3- 46 Jeffrey Smith
    4- 16 Harold Erickson
    5- 73 Brandon Tillander
    6- 85 Chuck Cessna
    7- 19 Kyle Goulard
    8- 54 John Florkowski
    Heat 2
    1- 1 Mike Tovet
    2- 9 Jeff Stalnaker, Jr.
    3- 28 Brandon Elwood
    4- 6 Tony Campbell
    5- 36 Justin Walker
    6- 13 William Gillam
    Rent-N-Roll Gladiators:
    1-   7UK Stephen Frankland
    2- 31T Tyler Bryden
    3- 11 Dave Ladrie
    4- 85 Jeremy Cessna
    SCR- 35 David Walls
    Heat 1
    1- 7UK Stephen Frankland
    2- 35 David Walls
    3- 31T Tyler Bryden
    4- 11 Dave Ladrie
    5- 85 Jeremy Cessna
    Limited Late Models:
    1- 14 Tyler Clem
    2- 21 Forrest Gough
    3- 17 Nevin Gainey
    4- 18 JO Nobles
    5- 88 Dale Pope
    6- 102 Jason Pope
    7-   0 Chuck Jackson
    SCR- 127 Caleb McGillivray
    Heat 1
    1- 17 Nevin Gainey
    2- 88 Dale Pope
    3- 102 Jason Pope
    4- 18 JO Nobles
    5- 14 Tyler Clem
    6- 0 Chuck Jackson
    7- 127 Caleb McGillivray
    8- 21 Forrest Gough

    Powder Puff: (Feature)

    1- 16 Codie Carroll


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