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NeSmith Late Model Series World Championships Wrap Up Fantastic 2012 At Bubba Raceway Park

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In technical inspection car #58 was deemed illegal when the motor was found to have pistons in the wrong holes. Runner-up Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. did pass inspection and is the winner of the 8th Annual NeSmith Late Model World Championships! The championship is unaffected by this leaving the title in Matt Turner's hands.

By- Jim Rouse, BRP Media

12-1-12, Ocala, FL

With $10,000 on the line to the winner of the 100 lapper and $20,000 to the champion of the NeSmith Late Model Series there was green in every competitor's eye. "Magic Man" Mark Whitener and Modified star, "The Killer" Kyle Bronson, made up the front row while row 2, also made up of heat race winners, had "The Professor" Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. ready to take everyone to school and Doug Horton, the only top 4 starter that hasn't won a feature at Bubba Raceway Park before. Early on "Magic Man" Mark Whitener and Don "The Real Deal" O'Neal solidified their spots up front but Whitener held the advantage for quite some time.

An early interruption on lap 16 came when Kyle Bronson and Jeff Mathews saw their nights take turns for the worse as contact ruined Bronson's car and forced Mathews to park for the night. On lap 25 O'Neal overtook Whitener while David Earl Gentry looked good for a title in 3rd with Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. and Doug Horton trailing. Around the lap 33 mark O'Neal lost the advantage to #58 but the #7B took it right back. Ronnie Johnson, fighting hard in the top 3, brought a lap 38 caution out when he had nowhere to go but the wall; the contact ended his race. Just past halfway Whitener took the lead back for 15 laps before O'Neal made sure everyone knew that it was "The Real Deal." However, just 2 laps after that a move by Whitener cause O'Neal to spin; O'Neal was not happy and made sure Whitener knew. That made the crews unhappy and a brawl was the result. With O"neal watching from his hauler it was Whitener's race and he did exactly what was needed. Whitener took home his $10,000 check for the Big Frog Motorsports team while Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. went back to the chalkboard with a 2nd place finish. Shan Smith, Doug Horton, and Keith Nosbisch rounded out the top 5. Chris Cantrell won Rookie of the Year honors and Matt Turner, who struggled most of the weekend, won the $20,000 NeSmith Late Model Championship!

Our very own 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks wrapped up a season of 37-points paying features (40 overall!) in spectacular fashion as they fought over a $2500 prize over 50 laps with a lap 25 competition caution scheduled beforehand. Up for a redraw after winning their heats were Jason Gamble, Joey Durbin, Chad Scranton, and Shane Nichols and also in the mix were heat race runners-up James Sullivan III, Bubba Durbin, Mike Stalnaker, and Brandon Elwood. Scranton drew outside pole and would lead early on. On lap 11 Mike Tovet brought out caution #1 when his 98T stopped on course. Just 4 laps later Harold Erickson got out of shape and contact from Luke Sadler sent both of them to the pit entrance. Literally. Both drivers escaped without injury but both cars need some work. On lap 25 James Sullivan, III spun in turn 2 and made it easy to call for a Competition Caution to re-fuel the machines. Bubba Durbin and Robert Ray exchanged Christmas card information on lap 26 which resulted in Ray being parked for the race. Chad Scranton, who had taken the Mike Peters $250 award for Halfway leader and Pilot Travel Center's Lap 20 leader $50 bonus, retired with a broken rear-end. Mike Stalnaker inherited the lead. The final 24 laps went caution free and Stalnaker had no easy task with Shane Nichols breathing down his neck and Jason Gamble licking his chops in 3rd. Stalnaker coped with the pressure and earned his first victory since October of 2011. Nichols, Gamble, Bubba Durbin, and "Mr. Consistency" Brian Mullins rounded out the top 5. A big thank you also to D&R Chassis for a $50 bonus for 24th place finisher Harold Erickson and Marion Machine and Tool for the $100 award for 21st place! Powerhouse Machine donated $100 to the Hard Charger and Ocala Entertainment put up $300 that was distributed in countless ways.

A congratulations to all of our feature winners and our champions. Matt Kurtz, Mark Whitener, Kyle Bronson, JO Nobles, Trevor Gamble, Jonathan Appleby, Buddy Pope, and Steve Johnson all worked hard and were crowned as champions in 2012. We will see you back at Bubba Raceway Park on Monday, January 28 of 2013, for the NeSmith Dirt Late Model Winter Nationals! To keep up with everything follow us on Twitter (@BubbaRacewayPrk), Facebook, www.bubbaracewaypark.com, or call us at 352-622-9400! Have a safe winter and we'll see you in less than 60 days!

Bubba Raceway Park Results (11/30 and 12/1 Wrap-Up)

NeSmith Late Model Series presented by CrateRacinUSA 8th Annual World Championships

1- 58 Mark Whitener
2- 21 Ivedent Lloyd, Jr.
3- 17SS Shan Smith
4- 11H Doug Horton
5- 5N Keith Nosbisch
6- 27C Rambo Franklin
7- 71 Mack McCarter
8- 56 David Earl Gentry
9- 18E Chase Edge
10- 87 Walker Arther
11- 47 Shannon Lee
12- 17 Justin McRee
13- 10 Matt Turner
14- 1 Johnny Stokes
15- 27 Larry Harrod
16- 19M Josh Adkins
17- 121 Michael Blount
18- 7F Jason Fitzgerald
19- 7B Don O'Neal
20- 40B Kyle Bronson
21- 114 Chris Cantrell
22- 10CW Chris Wilson
23- 12 Ryan Montgomery
24- 2 Joey Coulter
25- 5J Ronnie Johnson
26- 24M Greg Martin
27- 11 David Smith
28- 33 Jeff Mathews

1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks

1- 9 Mike Stalnaker
2- 58 Shane Nichols
3- 21 Jason Gamble
4- 12 Bubba Durbin
5- 28 Brian Mullins
6- 16 James Erickson
7- 69A Jonathan Appleby
8- 83 Joe Boyd
9- 00 David Whitt
10- 27W Ray Wheeler
11- 1D Marlon Durbin
12- 14 James Sullivan, III
13- 96L Eddie Lake
14- 39 Jason Blackmer
15- 24 Randy Strehle
16- 1K David Kinsey
17- 9D Robert Donaly
18- 55 Joey Durbin
19- 28E Brandon Elwood
20- 27 Chad Scranton
21- 9R Robert Ray
22- 9B Sean Babcock
23- 15 Luke Sadler
24- 66 Harold Erickson
25- 98T Mike Tovet
26- 73 Brandon Tillander
NeSmith Late Model Series presented by CrateRacinUSA 8th Annual World Championships (How Drivers Qualified)

Heat 1:
1- 58 Mark Whitener
2- 24M Greg Martin
3- 5N Keith Nosbisch
4- 56 David Earl Gentry
Heat 2:
1- 40B Kyle Bronson
2- 7F Jason Fitzgerald
3- 7B Don O'Neal
4- 114 Chris Cantrell
Heat 3:
1- 21 Ivedent Lloyd, Jr.
2- 27C Rambo Franklin
3- 17 Justin McRee
4- 10CW Chris Wilson
Heat 4:
1- 11H Doug Horton
2- 71 Mack McCarter
3- 12 Ryan Montgomery
4- 11 David Smith
B Main 1:
1- 87 Walker Arther
2- 5J Ronnie Johnson
3- 17SS Shan Smith
B Main 2:
1- 2 Joey Coulter
2- 33 Jeff Mathews
3- 19 Josh Adkins
Last Chance:
1- 47 Shannon Lee
Race Provisionals:
1- 10 Matt Turner
2- 27 Larry Harrod
Perfect Attendance Provisionals:
1- 121 Michael Blount
2- 18E Chase Edge
3- 1 Johnny Stokes

1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks (How Drivers Qualified)

Heat 1:
1- 21 Jason Gamble
2- 14 James Sullivan, III
3- 9R Robert Ray
4- 24 Randy Strehle
Heat 2:
1- 55 Joey Durbin
2- 12 Bubba Durbin
3- 39 Jason Blackmer
4- 98T Mike Tovet
Heat 3:
1- 27 Chad Scranton
2- 9 Mike Stalnaker
3- 28 Brian Mullins
4- 27W Ray Wheeler
Heat 4:
1- 58 Shane Nichols
2- 28E Brandon Elwood
3- 9D Robert Donaly
4- 83 Joe Boyd
B Main 1:
1- 15 Luke Sadler
2- 00 David Whitt
3- 96L Eddie Lake
4- 1 Marlon Durbin
B Main 2:
1- 66 Harold Erickson
2- 16 James Erickson
3- 69A Jonathan Appleby
4- 1K David Kinsey
Points Provisional:
1- 73 Brandon Tillander
Travel Provisional:
1- 9B Sean Babcock (Alternate for Windall Clark)

NeSmith Late Model Series presented by CrateRacinUSA 8th Annual World Championships (Qualifying) *Letter Denotes Qualifying Group*

A 58 Mark Whitener 15.478
B 40B Kyle Bronson 15.597
C 21 Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. 15.722
A 5N Keith Nosbisch 15.734
D 10 Matt Turner 15.746
D 4J John Garvin, Jr. 15.787
D 11H Doug Horton 15.823
C 17 Justin McRee 15.843
D 71 Mack McCarter 15.856
D 12 Ryan Montgomery 15.880
D 18E Chase Edge 15.962
C 27C Rambo Franklin 16.006
C 23 Chris Ferguson 16.034
D 111 Steven Roberts 16.040
A 11K Austin Kirkpatrick 16.052
A 24M Greg Martin 16.140
A 5J Ronnie Johnson 16.146
B 7F Jason Fitzgerald 16.178
B 7B Don O'Neal 16.187
D 11 David Smith 16.191
B 54 Brandon Overton 16.243
C 10CW Chris Wilson 16.305
A 33S Carter Stokes 16.347
A 17SS Shan Smith 16.358
B 33 Jeff Mathews 16.409
D 2 Joey Coulter 16.410
D 19M Josh Adkins 16.499
B 69 Tony Lawson 16.523
A 56 David Earl Gentry 16.543
A 25 Dalton Myers 16.552
A 11W Rodney Wing 16.585
C 27 Larry Harrod 16.589
B 110 Brent Barrett 16.601
D 4G Bob Gardner 16.611
B 114 Chris Cantrell 16.640
A 11R Stacey Roberts 16.716
B 121 Michael Blount 16.718
C 87 Arthur Walker 16.739
B 10C Ronnie Cooper 16.782
B 1 Johnny Stokes 16.827
C 38C John Gardner, Jr. 16.954
C 5D Rodgerick Dykes 16.996
D 17K Cody Kierre 17.033
C 47 Shannon Lee 17.077
C 8A Todd Morrow 17.266

1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks (Qualifying)

1- 21 Jason Gamble 19.590
2- 69A Jonathan Appleby 19.660
3- 27 Chad Scranton 19.691
4- 28E Brandon Elwood 19.709
5- 14 James Sullivan, III 19.720
6- 55 Joey Durbin 19.777
7- 9S Mike Stalnaker 19.811
8- 58 Shane Nichols 19.834
9- 9R Robert Ray 19.836
10- 12 Bubba Durbin 20.021
11- 28 Brian Mullins 20.163
12- 16 James Erickson 20.182
13- 15 Luke Sadler 20.265
14- 39 Jason Blackmer 20.278
15- 96L Eddie Lake 20.330
16- 83 Joe Boyd 20.343
17- 24 Randy Strehle 20.357
18- 98T Mike Tovet 20.384
19- 27W Ray Wheeler 20.404
20- 9D Robert Donaly 20.425
21- 00 David Whitt 20.436
22- 71 Rick Kilbury 20.458
23- 2H Jimmy Holley 20.483
24- 1K David Kinsey 20.618
25- 17 Wendall Clark 20.715
26- 66 Harold Erickson 20.753
27- 73 Brandon Tillander 20.871
28- 9B Sean Babcock 21.104
29- 29L Daniel Laird 21.209
30- 01 William Martin 21.298
31- 1E Mike Eubanks 22.180
32- 19 Brian Shea 22.403
33- 60 Don Winne 23.996 (Winne re-entered in car #49 for heats and Saturday)


January 30, 2015


by BRP Media
Max Blair of Centerville, PA celebrates his NeSmith Late Model win on Thursday night in the Rock Auto.com Winternationals at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, FL driving the R&J Poultry Rocket. With a win and third-place showing in the first two nights of racing, Blair leads the NeSmith Late Model point standings. (PhotosByTrace.com)OCALA, FL – Max Blair of Centerville, PA had to outrun the competition and a leaking right-rear tire to win the 50-lap main event on Thursday night for the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series in the Rock Auto.com Winternationals at Bubba Raceway Park. Blair drove the R&J Poultry Rocket to the $2,500 win and the NeSmith Late Model point lead. “During a caution period on lap 20, my dad gave me a signal that my right-rear tire was going down,” Blair said. “I worked the car back and forth, and it felt fine, so I just kept going. I was really sweating it out in the last laps of the race because I could really feel it going away, but it stayed up until right after I took the checkered flag.” Blair started out the evening by taking fast time honors with a lap around Bubba Raceway Park in 15.947 seconds to earn the pole position for the main event. Blair took the lead at the start of the race, but he had plenty of company throughout the race. The first nine laps were led by Blair, and then he decided to go to the outside to negotiate around the cars on the tail of the lead lap. That opened up the inside groove for Walker Arthur of Forest, VA, who got… read more
January 29, 2015


by BRP Media
Mark Whitener of Middleburg, FL drives the #58 Dave’s Towing Special to victory on Wednesday night in the season opener for the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series in the Rock Auto.com Winternationals at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, FL. (Photos… read more
January 02, 2015

Rescheduled Start Time 01/02/2015

by Scott McAllister
Due to reports of extremely heavy traffic north bound on I-75, Bubba Raceway Park officials have decided to move the start time back 1 hour. Hot laps will now begin at 7:00 and racing will begin at 8pm. If you have any questions, call the office at… read more
December 30, 2014

Updated Rules for V8 Thunderstock Division at Bubba Raceway Park

by Scott McAllister
In a continued effort to conform with other tracks in the area, Bubba Raceway Park officials have updated our V8 Thunderstock Division rules to allow additional drivers and teams to participate with minor to no alterations to their cars. The new… read more
December 06, 2014

Bubba Raceway Park Results for 12/06/2014

by BRP Media
Modified - Feature Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points 1 5 64JR Billy Workman Jr - 50.00 2 7 9 Roger Crouse Plant City, Fl 48.00 3 13 61 Ronald Soltis Ocala , Fl 46.00 4 11 64B Bryan Bernhardt Versailes, In, Fl 44.00 5 6 00B Emil "buzzy"… read more
December 02, 2014

Bubba Raceway Park Results for 11-30-2014

by BRP Media
Florida Mini Sprints - Feature Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points 1 8 77 Robbie Smith - 0.00 2 2 12 Robby Hoffman - 0.00 3 9 29T Gavin Thomas - 0.00 4 10 23 Eddie Moss - 0.00 5 12 17 Austin Craddock - 0.00 6 4 67 David Hall - 0.00 7 11 24X… read more

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